16 October 2015

Day Highlights from a Pitch Comp. Winner by Mark Thompson

A few years ago I started watching TED talks online, and was blown away by the fascinating ideas that were being shared in the TED community. Two weeks ago I got to see these talks for the first time in real life at TEDxQUT, where the ideas were equally fascinating and thought provoking.

All 14 speakers delivered inspiring talks on the theme “Future Thinkers”, ranging in topics from the workplace of the future to bringing dinosaurs back to life. Here’s a summary of three of those talks.

Dr Adam Fraser spoke about achieving work-life balance through ‘The Third Space’. He told us that work-life balance isn’t necessarily about the amount of time you dedicate to the life part of the work-life equation, but the quality of that time. He said we need to use the space between work and life (which he calls the third space) to reflect, rest, and reset,...

26 August 2014

TEDxQUT Dictionary

Have you ever struggled for a word to decribe stubbing your toe? Or needed the right words to share the feeling of peace in the middle of kaos?

It's Ok the TEDxQUT audience understands, you just needed the TEDxQUT dictionary.


Abiciu- The feeling of gratefulness of having someone by your side

Andonate – to dance awkwardly, yet passionately with a great friend who you realise may actually be the one.

Bamalam- (adjective) 1. Commonly used to describe an explosive mess. 2. Used as a description of a person capable of blowing up a conversation.

Basited(verb) to instantly combust in a musical number. “She totally just basited in that parking lot.”

Bess – A face that you know but don’t know...

20 August 2014

TEDxQUT Audience Picks!

We asked our TEDxQUT audience members to share with us who were their favourite TED or TEDx speakers.

If you are looking for some inspiration today you might want to check out their picks:

How to make stress your friend- Kelly McGonigal

The mind behind Tels, SpaceX, Solar city..- Elon Musk

The astounding athletic power of quadcopters- Rafaell D’Andrea

Why your worst deeds don’t define you- Shaka Senghor


19 August 2014

Thank You!


We just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who helped make TEDxQUT 2014 such a fun and inspiring day.

Thank you to our speakers for sharing your passion, creativity, innovations and Spark.

Thank you to our volunteers and QUT staff who put in so much effort behind the scenes and on the day to make TEDxQUT run smoothly.

Thank you to our audience, both those that received tickets and those that attended the live stream. You all attended with such great enthusiasm and spirit. It was a pleasure to provide a platform for you to meet each other and exchange ideas.

Thank you to our wider TEDxQUT community, those that connected with us via social media or our website. Thank you for your questions, ideas and engagement.

The videos...

10 June 2014

Alissa Holton, Change Maker

“I THINK my friends would describe me as a creative person. I always have a project on the go and am always talking about new things I am working on/trying to include myself in. They would probably saying “Alissa is always on the move” and more importantly, “Alissa walks the talk”. I hope they say that last thing. It is super important to me that people view my work as in action and not just something that I talk about.”

My first impression of Alissa is that she is impossibly accomplished, impossibly busy and most of all, impossibly young. In a quick Google search, it is made abundantly clear that Alissa was a rising star, and as the MC for TEDxQUT, I invited her to tell me a little more about herself.

Alissa (a former QUT student) is a passionate wife and friend, who is heavily invested in ideals such as “...

15 July 2013

Your Invitation to Innovation Alley

In celebration of TEDxQUT, QUT will also host Innovation Alley on Gardens Point campus, open from 10am – 4pm to present innovations developed or in development at QUT. Get involved with exciting hands-on innovations and explore the amazing new $230 million Science and Engineering Centre.

Visitors are invited to spend the day exploring Innovation Alley which will showcase demonstrations including unmanned airborne vehicles (UAV), 3D printing technology, Quantum Levitation and more. You are invited to participate in activities like the ‘build-your-own’ solar car workshops, ‘Stomp’ interactive floor map, mobile app development workshops, and other interactive technologies as well as book signings with Astronomer and radio broadcaster -Fred Watson and “Surfing Scientist” - Ruben Meerman.

If you miss out on tickets to TEDxQUT, Innovation...

11 July 2013

The Surfing Scientist to MC TEDxQUT

The TEDxQUT team are very proud to introduce our Emcee for TEDxQUT, the Surfing Scientist – Ruben Meerman.

Ruben is a reporter on ABC television's Catalyst program and Play School's first ever ‘resident scientist’. Young audiences know him as the ABC's Surfing Scientist through his books and television science demonstrations.

Ruben’s scientific career began as a physicist producing optical coatings for industrial, medical and military lasers but eventually found his true calling in schools and kindergartens where he brings science to life for children. He is passionate about literacy, numeracy, science education and public schools of which he is a proud product… and (safe) explosions!

Ruben will also wow the TEDxQUT audience with his talk “The mathematics of weight loss” in which he will explore questions such as: when someone loses...

3 April 2013

Preparing for TEDxQUTChange

The TEDxQUT team have been working very hard over the past few weeks in preparation for TEDxQUTChange, in support of TEDxChange. TEDxChange is an event created out of a partnership between the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation and the TEDx program. It is an initiative devoted to ideas worth spreading in the areas of global health and development. The TEDxChange team works with TEDx organizers around the world to help facilitate meaningful discussions on topics including vaccines, polio, malaria, HIV/AIDS, maternal and newborn child health and agricultural development. The TEDxChange initiative also includes a global signature event convened by Melinda Gates and broadcast across the TEDx community.

This year TEDxChange will take place on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 9:00am PDT in Seattle, Washington and TED.com is providing a free live stream of TEDxChange in English, French...