TEDxQUT 2018 - The ideas search is on!

Do you have an idea worth spreading?

Nominations are now closed.

Much like other TED events, TEDxQUT is driven by innovative and influential ideas. TEDxQUT seeks ideas first, then speakers to ignite and excite our audiences through fresh perspectives and compelling concepts. If you have an idea and a passion to share it, or you know someone who does, we want to hear from you.

Applications and nominations will be accepted till April 23rd 2018. We will then be conducting interviews with shortlisted applicants to explore your ideas further.

To see if you are a great fit for the TEDxQUT stage, please read the below carefully before applying or nominating someone.

What are we looking for?

TEDxQUT seek people with a keen interest in sharing and presenting their original and innovative idea from across a broad range of fields and perspectives. Even the most untraditional or inexperienced speaker can shine when dedicated to a meaningful idea. Therefore TEDxQUT supports applications from any and all level of speaking experience.

We value and actively seek out the following in our speakers:

  • INNOVATION: TEDxQUT seeks to highlight insightful ideas and/or creative perspectives with novelty at their core. TEDxQUT is not a hub for motivational speakers, confidence coaches or the like, but rather a platform for the propagation of compelling ideas, presented by people who inspire our community to be a part of the conversation.
  • PASSION & CREDIBILITY: We are looking for speakers who radiate passion and commitment to their concept; through time spent developing their idea, lived experiences, researched work, or studies. Ensure you are passionate about the chance for audiences to listen, not just a chance for you to speak.
  • DIVERSITY: We actively seek to make our event as diverse in ethnicity, gender, disability, age, sexuality, education, and non-traditional speakers as the wider QUT community.
  • COMMITMENT: Harnessing your idea into a TEDxQUT presentation takes effort, and we appreciate applicants with enthusiasm, positivity and a willingness to collaborate throughout the process. From experienced to first-time speakers, we ask everyone to engage in our coaching and rehearsal process to present the greatest TEDx presentation they can.

What will you receive?

We are committed to supporting speakers throughout their entire TEDxQUT journey to ensure a rewarding and memorable experience.

  • MENTORSHIP AND GUIDANCE: TEDxQUT boast a committed speaker team to support you from the very beginning. This includes individualised support from the Curator and professional coaching from a Communication Coach to assist you in preparing your very best presentation for TEDxQUT and building confidence for future endeavours.
  • PROFESSIONAL PLATFORM: As part of the incredible TED network, TEDxQUT is an invaluable opportunity to present your ideas to the QUT community and the world. Our talks are professionally filmed, edited, and promoted throughout our community and online networks. All TEDx talks are housed on the TEDx Official YouTube channel and may be selected by TED for further promotion.
  • DYNAMIC and ATTENTIVE AUDIENCE: Our audiences have an incredible appetite for insightful ideas and passionate speakers. Through our highly considered event curation, TEDxQUT are committed to creating the best environment for you and your ideas to connect with and inspire audiences.

Helpful resources for potential speakers