TEDxQUT 2013 Program

Over three sessions, our audience experienced performances and shared the experiences of 12 inspiring people who turned their ideas and values into action. 




Excerpt from "Traces" 
Creative Industries Performance

Cooking with STEAM: One curator's journey into the nexus of Art, Science and Society 
Lubi Thomas, Senior Curator - Digital Media at QUT Brisbane

TED Video: Hack a banana, make a keyboard
Jay Silver

Rat brains and better robots
Gordon Wyeth, Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, QUT

Who says building the impossible is impossible? 
Rachel Smith, Principal Transport Planner, AECOM

Raising your daughter to lead 
Janelle Kerrisk, Queensland and Northern Territory President of The National Association of Women in Construction 


"I want to be..."
Paul Seymour, Co-Founder of One Week Job Australia

TED Video: Try something new for 30 days 
Matt Cutts

Beyond blood: Changing youth attitudes towards plasma donation 
Dominic Kauter, Ideas to Change the World Winner

Why the energy technology revolution hasn't happened 
Robert Perrons, Associate Professor of Technology Management and Strategy

TED Video: Forget multi-tasking try mono-tasking 
Paolo Cardini

Colliding biospheres: Do we need planetary protection? 
Fred Watson, Astronomer-in-Charge of the Australian Astronomical Observatory


Andrew Sorensen, Artistic Programmer

The lighter side of change
Joel Fernandes, QUT Mechanical Engineering student

TED Video: Yup, I built a nuclear fusion reactor 
Taylor Wilson

The global shift: Youth and socially-founded innovation 
Emily Haigh, Co-founder and Director of Impact Leaders

Tapping into the invisible innovator 
Jack Andraka, Scientist, Mathematician, 2012 Intel ISEF winner, TED 2013 speaker

Hijacking your child's education 
Jane Andraka, Practicing Anaesthetist

The mathematics of weight loss 
Ruben Meerman, ABC's 'surfing scientist' and reporter on ABC catalyst