TEDxQUT Dictionary

26 August 2014

Have you ever struggled for a word to decribe stubbing your toe? Or needed the right words to share the feeling of peace in the middle of kaos?

It's Ok the TEDxQUT audience understands, you just needed the TEDxQUT dictionary.


Abiciu- The feeling of gratefulness of having someone by your side

Andonate – to dance awkwardly, yet passionately with a great friend who you realise may actually be the one.

Bamalam- (adjective) 1. Commonly used to describe an explosive mess. 2. Used as a description of a person capable of blowing up a conversation.

Basited(verb) to instantly combust in a musical number. “She totally just basited in that parking lot.”

Bess – A face that you know but don’t know.

Bijare – to scare someone twice, unintentionally.

Billyabis – Eve glasses

Bilving- Wearing sunglasses on top of the head.

Boom-boom-butha – a childrens’ word for cars.

Brasking- To cower from strong winds

Crabbat – Crossbreed of a ‘crab’ and a ‘hat.’

Doralimbo – (verb) Running under a sprinkler naked with a big smile on your face.

Extroleying- Extreme smiling

Filby- (adjective) Something without a definite shape; unclear, wobbly, amorphous

Flabberdashed- To be inspired

Flombo – The heat rising up my neck when I get excited.

Fomo – fear of missing out. (My high-school kids use this word)

Frou Frou- Best friend

Fuddle- Walking for fun.

Gatsquise – Having the urge to find or meet somebody that means the most to you.

Glodge – A feeling of wading through thickness.

Hankle- Stuggle. I really hankled to think of a word for Freya’s writing challenge.

Huggle – To hug someone and cuddle into their chest. To be completely enveloped in someone’s arms.

Hypercutosis – Death or similar sneezy feeling when something is too adorable to handle.

Hyperponderlahion – (Hyper-ponder-lahion) To ponder the point of sinking into an intellectual singularity.

Inflasted- To be intensely frustrated for no good reason.

Kapaous- The feeling of peace in the midst of chaos

Kapoodaful- Explosive beauty

Keki- Biscuit.

Kra – The sensation of stubbing a toe.

Krandle- To overbearingly give love to.

Larsoned- To be inspired.

Mooshaka- A meal in the day when you don’t know what meal it is.

Musiculate – to engage oneself in a music/beat or any lively sound from the environment.

Pepshka- The name of a foreign language

Pimo- A drink for when one is stressed out or depressed.

Plupie- The sound a puppy makes when it falls asleep in the middle of running

Pralering – Brag about something that should not be bragged about.

Quelping- To clap with excessive enthusiasm

Qwop – (verb) To attempt to walk without any motor-skills resulting in a jagged stumble, which often involves falling backwards.

Shibibyaya- To dance like a crazy dude

Shoom- When you feel like you’re floating

Stramboli- (pronounced with gusto) an expression of earthy excitement or enthusiasm

Tootle- To wander around visiting familiar places.

Tradist – An insult directed at a tradie such as a plumber

Trasnmoodeling- The act of entering into an imaginary personage and world so immersed that one becomes completely ignorant of the surrounding reality and yet interacts and reacts to changes in that reality as they are transposed into the imaginary world.

Umrube – (noun) Grape

Wamboozal- Dance celebration. I just passed my advanced physics exam- lets wamboozal!

Whargarble – To drink something in a hushed, messy, unflattering manner.

Zingle – The chemistry you feel when you first meet someone and there’s an instant connection.

Zolaraglily- To make a new friend.